What Battery Does Xbox 360 Controller Use

Most of us know exactly what kind of battery that we want out of a given product. To get the battery we need, most products require us to search through different product lists and find our desired power source. With some more advanced technology in place, we are already beginning to replace the traditional method with an app or tool that will do the work for us.

power source

The Xbox 360 controller uses four AA batteries and is powered by kinetic motion. As you move the controller around, it taps into the kinetic motion to provide power.

The Xbox 360 controller has two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. The first battery provides power to the console, while the second power up the controller. To recharge, you are able to plug in a micro USB cable into the port at the bottom of the controller. The LED indicator designates how full or charged your battery is.

The xbox uses three AA batteries to power it in fact, that’s because most gadgets of this kind use the same battery source. The Xbox 360 is also equipped with a backup battery that powers the controller when the power from the batteries goes low.

what size battery

The xbox 360 controller has 2 easily accessible batteries – a large and small battery. The small battery typically operates for between 5 and 8 hours, while the large battery is called upon to power the controller for about 20 hours continuously.

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The xbox 360 controller battery is a zinc-carbon battery with a capacity of 1200mAh that contains six cells. Each of the cells has a capacity of about 10mAh.

The xbox 360 controller uses a small AA type battery. The 360 controller has a lithium rechargeable battery because it will last almost twice as long as alkalines.

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