What Battery Does Xbox One Controller Use

This article is here to help you understand some of the specifics of the xbox one controller and how they work. It will cover such topics such as the type of battery, controllers that use 4 AA batteries and where you can find them.

What is the battery used in the Xbox One Controller?

The Xbox One controller cannot be charged while the system is in use, so it needs an external power source that charges its battery. The battery can last between 9-12 hours of continuous use.

The Xbox One Controller has a rechargeable battery that lets players charge the controller when they are not using it. According to Microsoft, the entire battery lasts up to 9 hours.

The battery inside the controller is a lithium-ion, high capacity non-removable rechargeable battery. The lifespan of the battery is up to 6 hours depending on the settings being chosen. The Xbox One Controller has a controller charge port at the bottom of the battery compartment inside which an original Xbox One wireless receiver can be used with a Micro-USB cable or other USB type input device

Power Cord

The xbox one controller uses two AA batteries to power the controller. Although this ensures that the controller’s battery never dies, it does cause a problem when you lose a battery. The power cord allows you to plug in the controller so that it doesn’t get lost. If a person loses the xbox one remote, they can also plug their controller in to recharge the battery without having to buy new batteries.

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A common misconception of battery is that it needs electrolytes to produce electricity. That’s not true. In fact, there are two types of batteries: primary and secondary. The battery in an Xbox One controller has a grid of thousands of razor-thin wires made into iron that connects 4 housings around the bulbous zinc-carbon core inside. The battery will keep generating electricity until all its housing protectors have been depleted from current.

The xbox one controller uses a power cord to charge, which is why players have to have their controllers close.


The Xbox One comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is located under the controller.

The Xbox One Controller features 6A 150W high-efficiency, internal, long life rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery pack.

Microsoft’s third-person game releases, models and sells the Xbox One. Several years after it was released, the controller has received some repairs with a more pixelated grip, a faster trigger, and wireless features in every model.

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