What Does Battery Cycle Count Mean On Macbook Pro

charge, discharge, and cycle all words that are often used when dealing with battery-powered devices. Before burning through six different sentences just so you can say “battery,” “charge,” and “discharge,” here’s what they mean:

Battery Cycle Count on the MacBook Pro

Battery cycle count refers to the number of times that the battery on a laptop has been charged and discharged. The more cartridge changes, the shorter the battery life. All MacBook Pro’s have lithium-ion batteries with a five-year warranty, which is normal under Apple standards. However, this doesn’t mean that if you have a MacBook Pro from five years ago it will outlive today’s machines.

What Does the Battery Cycle Count Mean?

The batteries of your Macbook Pro might fail prematurely due to overuse, neglect, or what many would call incompetence. In order to know the battery cycle count you simply need to open up the battery status window in preferences and look at the “Cycle Count” line where it says batteries (a longer number is better).

Tips for Decreasing Your Macbook Pro’s Battery Life

Battery cycle count is the number of times a battery has been completely charged and then completely discharged. The higher the number, the greater the capacity the battery has. Battery cycle count may also be referred to as “power capacity.” According to apple.com, “As your MacBook’s battery ages, you might notice only half of your battery charging”… Macbook owners can learn more about maintaining their devices here.

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The batteries in Macbooks are very sensitive. The battery cycle count is a tool that OS X uses to determine battery health. It must stay below 1000 for your laptop to function properly and be safe for you. If it does not, the laptop will shut off so that the system can protect itself from any consequences of bad batteries.

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