What Does The Blue Battery Cycle Count Mean

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What does the blue battery cycle count mean?

The blue battery cycle count is the number of times a lithium-ion battery will fully charge and discharge. This article from an independent site gives an overview of what the numbers mean, as well as how to troubleshoot if your Battery Cycle Count is near the end of its allowable range. Read about reducing battery wear for a longer life in this Tesla blog post

After you start up your Tesla, there is always a blue battery cycle indicator displayed. This cycle count indicates the number of times the car will engage alternative drive mode and use only battery power. This can include speeding up or down, parallel parking, steering, or driving around in circles if needed to reach home.

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It can be difficult to interpret how long your battery will last with just a percentage like the range on its battery meter. There is a specific way to look at this data and then determine how much of your kwh will go to energy storage. In General Security Displays, the average acceleration of gamma rays after 16 days is 3700. This number is given in nano-meter/year. Due to the small size of radiation, every cycle has a different damage probability and also leading to different “half-lives”. These are related to the amount of copper per meter on an active cell.

How to avoid having your battery drain?

A blue battery cycle count is when your battery goes from 100% to 0%. It is set in your car by the system and it needs to happen before there are no more driving modes. This is done to protect against any shoddy or inexperienced mechanics working on your battery. Your system will warn you five minutes as a heads-up that you are about to run out, so make sure you have added more electrons back in before the time comes.

In order to avoid draining your battery, you should try to avoid charging the car during extreme cold or hot weather. You should also try not to charge your car up under the sun or else it will overheat. You should refrain from charging your Tesla while driving as well because if you get pulled over, the charge may be cut off and cause a drop in voltage.

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One factor that could affect the longevity of a battery is using the car’s ports for phone chargers and other electronics. When these ports are in use, the battery will be re-charging. It can cause your battery to slowly lose its charge overtime due to the constant drain. To ensure that your battery does not get drained too quickly, never use these ports for charging in your Tesla.


The blue light is a warning that the vehicle needs to be recharged soon. When this happens, it is straightforward to plug it in, but if the battery charge becomes low, a 123-volt outlet will be needed to use, typically around $20 to recharge.

This puts you in the clear of any problems with the battery. The company estimates most people drive this way around 10,000 miles a year, so it won’t take too much to use up your warranty coverage.

Tesla comes with a lot of safety features that are left-most in the blue icon on your dashboard. The different icons represent different features and the line at the top represents what status Tesla is currently in.

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