What Happens When U Exceed Battery Cycle Count

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What is a battery cycle?

A battery cycle is an event in which voltage is reached at the terminals of a battery, on average during every two discharge/charge cycles. Charging the batteries increases this count and gives it more life as less energy is lost each cycle.

A battery cycle is how often the battery is used before it needs to be recharged. During a cycle, the battery goes from delivering charge to eventually holding charge. At the beginning of the day, Tesla will reset what we call the open circuit voltage of your car and specify that next time you drive your car its “full range.” This indicates that your car has travelled more than 10% of a full range. At this point, you’re statistics for Max Range start to decline and you will only get 50% of what you have previously been getting until the cycle restarts again on a new day.

A battery cycle is the amount of energy that goes into actively charging and discharging a battery. Typically, every time you plug your phone in to charge, it will undergo three cycles.

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What are the benefits of using rechargeable batteries?

Rechargeable batteries are the best of alternatives because they don’t get old. This is an unavoidable problem with the current battery market where customers buy a new car and it needs to be replaced within five years, or two years for better cars. These batteries sometimes die before their natural life span, but you have no idea when that time will come. Rechargeable batteries last much longer than previous models and they won’t just stop working because capacity suddenly goes down instead of up.

Rechargeable batteries can be used over and over again. Instead of using new non-rechargeable batteries every time, one reusable battery can power a device for numerous times. It is possible to get a few hundred cycles out of one battery. The benefits that rechargeable batteries have are twofold. They also act as a long-term backup power source when the grid goes down.

Renewable batteries can easily be recharged, reducing the cost of keeping them in use. Aside from being healthier and safer, rechargeable batteries can be recycled as they are not hazardous and do not pollute the environment.

How do I conserve my battery cycle count?

In order to protect its batteries from usage, Tesla includes a battery cycle counter in every car. The logic behind this is that driving short distance often reduces the amount of power that’s put into your battery for every session. If you exceed the limit, based on vehicle characteristics, the odometer will turn red. You’ll need to contact Tesla to have that situation addressed before the car will allow further usage after it has reached its threshold.

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If you want to extend your battery life, then follow these tips. If your car has a navigation system, you can use the settings to conserve power and reduce consumption. Buy a heavy blanket or comforter and set it on the floor of your garage while parked. Avoid turning on lights as much as possible; if you have a heated dashboard and need it illuminated, turn on completely. You will also reduce unnecessary wear by avoiding activating features such as windows or seats that regularly do not need to be occupied during each trip.

Exceeding the battery cycle limit can be easily avoided by driving within a certain range. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could go as far as to push your Tesla until the battery charge runs low again. Some other simple tricks include turning off the heated seats and adjusting the fan speeds.


Tesla is a household name today, with the release of its latest car, Tesla 3. After experiencing poor reviews and the potential end of manufacturing the company has been dealt a guilt stroke in the form of charge back.

The science behind these batteries are the lithium-ion polymer which offers the possibility of the batteries never losing capacity after 400 cycles. Even if the battery does degrade at some point, Tesla has stated that they plan to release new batteries and not make any retroactive fixes to the current versions.

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