What Is A Bad Battery Cycle Count

Over time, a battery suffers from the natural corrosion of its electrodes and undergoes changes in the materials comprising it. Other conditions such as varying temperature, overcharging and discharging, can also cause damage to a battery. Once this happens, your Battery may be considered completely “bad”.

What is a Battery Cycle Count

What is a battery cycle count? A battery cycle count is not an official measure of how much the battery has been used or discharged. It is a calculated figure or number that keeps track of the number of times in a certain time period that something happens with the battery. If a discharge/charge test detects that the battery has been subjected to too many charge/discharge cycles, then it may prematurely age or become defective.


A battery cycle count is the number of discharge cycles a battery has. This matters because overworking a battery can lead to deterioration and/or burst of the cell, which will cost you an entire device, as well as hefty repair costs. The website describes how you can prolong the proper use of your lithium batteries. In fact, they say that at 500 cycles or less, you are unlikely to improve battery life.

Types of Batteries

There are many types of batteries that can be used to power a vehicle. One type is known as the lead-acid battery which is mainly made up of lead plates, sulfuric acid, and water. This is a very inefficient form of battery and produces greenhouse gases by generating heat when charging or discharging. Another type of battery is the nickel-iron phosphate (NiFe) build. This provides more energy than the traditional lead acid batteries and uses only half the charge needed to charge a car.

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A bad battery cycle count is an indication that the battery on your vehicle is near the end of its lifespan. If the BC (battery cycle count) is over 500 cycles, the lithium ion cells can’t hold a charge as much any more and you’ll have to replace it.

How to calculate the Battery cycle count

a bad battery cycle count can be a result of shorting the terminals, temperature abuse, or overcharging. When in doubt about the battery’s condition, it is always beneficial to have your car checked by a professional.

Sample calculation

A bad battery cycle count gives the number of times a battery is recharged and then discharged. If a car has a bad battery cycle count, this could mean that the battery is overworked. The best thing that can be done to avoid a bad battery cycle count is to frequently charge your battery. In order to get an idea of how frequent you should be charging it and on what voltage, try to find an online calculator that can take into account the amps that are being used on the battery as well as other variables.

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