What Is A Good Battery Cycle Count For Surface Pro

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What is a good battery cycle count for Surface Pro

The battery cycle count is used to figure out how many times the Surface Pro battery has been charged and discharged. The lower the number, the longer a person’s Surface Pro battery will last.

How many cycles does the Surface pro battery go through?

The Surface pro will last about 2 hours off of battery power, which is around 100 cycles. But lets say you use it for an hour and a half, that’s 250 cycles. So you can expect the battery to last around 5 hours if used sparingly with an average cycle count in between.

How do I rebuild my Surface Pro’s Battery Cycle Count?

A good battery cycle count for a Surface Pro is 8 thousand. This could be reduced by using the wireless power usage guide and stopping apps that don’t work on battery power.

Why is my battery cycling so high?

A battery cycle is the gauge of how many times a battery can go from 100% to 0%. Surface Pro batteries tend to reach their full capacity in around 20 days or so, but it will naturally drop due to repetitive discharges and charging. For best results, limit how heavily you use your Surface Pro. Try not to fully discharge and charge the battery each time you use it. You can also save your Surface Pro by turning down the brightness of your screen or putting it on standby when it’s not in use.

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What are the benefits of a high cycle?

Renewable energy experts say that the optimal battery lifespan is around five years, but people typically purchase batteries with a lifespan of less than three years. If you’re using your Surface Pro for general usage such as word processing, it’s likely that you’re not getting the most out of your battery because you’re burning through it quickly. A cycle count of 320 stands a 52% higher chance to see an improvement in battery life over 580 cycles.

Other Solutions to Battery Discharges

Some of the key reasons why Apple was smart to make older-technology batteries in their devices are that they have a long life. One example is laptop computers. A more significant number for cycle is 10,000, which means it would take 250 years to use up one battery’s worth of charge.


The less cycles the battery has been taken on and off, the longer it will last. A cycle is a full charge-discharge-charge cycle that might take anywhere from four hours to six hours! In order for these batteries to function properly and effectively, they need to be cycled 12 to 24 times per year.

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