What Is A Good Macbook Battery Cycle Count

Many people wonder what their battery life is like on the Apple MacBook. In this article, used to determine your good macbook battery cycle count, the author looks at iTunes and three data trackers that run on Windows.

Why Replacement Battery Cycle Count Matters

A battery cycle count is a useful metric for assessing the performance of laptop batteries. A battery cycle is the single charging and discharging process that lasts 100% of the battery’s rated capacity, or 400 Ah. A good benchmark would be 800 cycles, with an even better outcome being 1,000 cycles. Laptop battery replacement should occur after you have reached at least those benchmarks.

What is the Ideal Number of Cycles?

The battery life of the MacBook is a very important factor when deciding what kind of laptop to purchase. It’s recommended that you send your MacBook in for a routine cleaning every 3-6 months or years depending on how often you use it. Sometimes this can be done at your local Apple store, and sometimes they will even send restaurants that are authorized company repairers to come clean your computer automatically. Here is a chart with some guidelines of up how often we recommend sending in your device for cleaning.

How to Properly Salvage a Cycle

The easiest way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your MacBook battery is by using it wisely. Every time you charge your MacBook, wait until the laptop screen turns off before unplugging it. If a notification pops up while you are charging your laptop, quick turn the laptop off and put it away.

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After some time, batteries have a rated life expectancy figure and must be replaced, even if they aren’t dead. It’s advisable to replace the battery as soon as it loses 70% of its original power. With this information in mind, figuring out how many cycles a particular battery has should be an easy task.

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