What Is Battery Cycle Count Macbook Pro

Many times when you are looking to buy laptops or computers, there are many different models that might appear over multiple brands and can be confusing to compare. In this article, you will learn what a MacBook’s battery cycle count is, when buying the latest MacBook Pro.

What is the Battery Cycle Count on my MacBook Pro?

The battery cycle count on a MacBook battery is an indicator of how well the battery is functioning. A new battery starts off with a cycle count of 1. Each time the laptop is turned on, charged, and then shut off again the laptop will show a lower cycle count. This doesn’t take into account how much longer or shorter the charge will last with use, just what happens when you press the power button. You can also purchase Apple Care to extend your battery warranty as long as you have Applecare coverage.

How can I Check the Battery Cycle Count on My MacBook Pro?

Checking the battery cycle count is a simple task, but one that many people overlook. Battery cycle count determines how many times you can charge and discharge your battery before damaging your Macbook. Every click of the power button will cause the battery to change at different percentages, so the best thing is to insert your charger when it reaches around 100%. It is important for your Macbook to know how long until it needs a recharge because every battery has an average lifespan, but it might vary for different models.

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Downgrading, Upgrading, and Installing macOS

MacBook Pro uses L98 Bloomfield technology, which gives it a “long” battery life that spans for 36 cycles. Upgrading and downgrade requires reclaiming all the old files from your computer. The quickest upgrade is to download; all you need is a password and OSX Lion 10.7.5


It was found in the lab tests by Consumer Reports that battery life can be shortened due to a high number of cycles. This happens when you constantly use your laptop and constantly charge it without ever unplugging it. Each time this happens, the battery cannot produce as much power, effectively reducing its battery life. The lab also tested a 2017 MacBook Pro with touch bar to see if removing or cutting down on wireless radios would help extend battery life and minimize use of electricity in the device.

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