What Is Battery Cycle Count Macbook

Just because this laptop can be taken on the go and lasts for a long time, doesn’t mean that it’s free from battery issues. Find out how you can have peace of mind when you need it, in this article on MacBook battery cycling!

Replace your MacBook’s battery

MacBooks, also known as laptops, are becoming more and more popular. One problem that some of these laptops have is that the battery will degrade over time and needs to be replaced. The MacBook’s battery lasts for about 500 cycles before it needs to be replaced.

MacBook batteries generally last from 2-5 years. If you find your Macbook’s battery is getting drained faster, it might be because the battery cycle count has reached zero and needs to be replaced.

Did you ever wonder why your MacBook is on a limited battery cycle count? You should check to see which model of your MacBook and the type of its battery. If you have the low-capacity battery that only lasts several years, you might need to replace it with a new one. Certain models usually have their batteries follow a common design so that others can reuse them. It’s more likely that if you upgrade your MacBook to an extended-life battery, it would also last longer than what the original battery did.

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How to Reset the Battery Cycle Count

While some people may have not even realized that they have a battery cycle count on their MacBook, many others know exactly why this feature is important to them. The battery can only effectively and safely be recharged so many times before it’s no longer useful. Once it is full and useless, a person will need to buy a new laptop or use their old one in a different way. If you are extremely worried about the battery capacity of your old MacBook, the cycle count can be reset for you for $10.

There have been laptops on the market since the late 1990’s. No idea how long it will be until battery cycles count flashes before your computer screen, but some people unanimously choose newer pre-2006 laptops as they likely have not reached their intended lifespan.

The battery cycle count is an alert system to remind the user the number of times your device has been cycled. It also lets you know how long it’s been since you last plugged in your computer. This means that you should charge your laptop each time it drops below a percentage point or if the battery marks say “100% charged.”

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How to prevent the battery cycle count from resetting again

The battery cycle count keeps track of how many times the battery in your MacBook has been fully charged and discharged. When the cycle count resets, you lose all of your progress with restoring your battery.
Many people get frustrated and stuck when their computers restart due to a reset in the battery cycle count. Even if the problem is hard for one person, it can be hard for multiple people because everyone could have to keep logging their efforts into the Apple Web page that tracks this information and maintains a history of when how much charge was restored on each attempt.

When you can’t figure out why your battery’s cycle count is resetting, regardless of the time given, in general it’s because of a GPU-based macbook. If a researcher sniffs your hardware, their software will let them know that the battery is maxed out. This happens when you play graphic-heavy games and other applications that update their drivers a lot.

Do you have a MacBook that only lasts for about 12 hours with a cycle count of 100,000? Are you worried that the factory reset on your macbook have caused this? You might be worrying for nothing because there is no way on earth to turn back the clock. While it would be easy for Apple to perform these factory resets anyways, the company takes the precautionary route and does not reset customers originally purchased macbooks that are outside of their cyclical lifetime. The company claims this will not affect its performance in any way whatsoever. This is true because in between each life cycle, there is sufficient power stored in the battery so any charge/discharge cycles are evenly distributed.

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