What Is Considered A High Battery Cycle Count

While knowing the average battery cycle count among your friends and colleagues may be informative, a more quantitative way of answering this question would be to find out what battery cycles is considered a high natural recall rate. In this article, we explore several metrics that can help you determine how often your customers are placing new orders.

What is a high battery cycle count?

There is not an official term for a high cycle count. In general, it’s about how many times the battery has been charged and how much is left in it. For example, 140,000 lithium-ion batteries from a car manufacturing plant will have around 600 charge cycles before the internal components start to wear down; if the vehicle drives 10,000 kilometers (6,213 miles), that means that the car would only need recharge every 7.5 years.

How many cycles numbers do you want to know? You should ask Tesla about the number of connected or discharged batteries in a day. What cycle count is considered high by Tesla?

A cycle count is how many times a battery has been charged and discharged. This number will vary for all cars, but generally speaking, batteries will last four to six years when the cycle count is between 2,000-3,000. Older batteries range from 2-6 cycles while newer ones are closer to 10.

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High battery cycle counts

If a lithium battery is cycled so many times, the chemistry of the battery gets damaged and it becomes less efficient. The better the design of the chemistries in the batteries, the more effective they are at retaining their charge. Tesla cars have an improved nickel-cadmium (NCM) chemistry with a higher voltage and durability.

A battery cycle count has nothing to do with how many cycles or recharges a battery may go through but rather what is the highest number of charge and discharge cycles in a single hour. It’s important for battery packs to not be exposed to too many high numbers of charge and discharge cycles so that they can be used over time.

A high battery cycle count is a number that refers to a cycle count or measurement of gas mileage. Essentially it is the distance that can be traveled before driving on the state-of-charge (SOC) level 6% decreases to 0%. Assuming 10% efficiency, this means 100 miles per kWh.


For example, people who get 15,000 miles out of their gasoline-powered cars are not as likely to be adapting to the changes in their driving style. There have been drivers with battery cycles exceeding 200,000!

Although some people prefer the electric car because it uses less gas, the battery can stop working after a certain number of times. The average electric car’s battery will last about 150,000 miles. Cheap gas is also usually not found in Europe, which makes drivers very apprehensive.

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Battery life is quite significant when considering the safety of any vehicle. A clean battery that was recently carried out on a Tesla dealership would see a high number of cycles; making the car’s battery safe and ready for many years of use.

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