What Is Normal Cycle Count For Mac Book Battery

Know what ia normal cycle count for a macbook battery then you can identify when your computer is experiencing lower battery by taking care of its performance issue.

The Normal Cycle Count of a MacBook Battery

When a MacBook battery is plugged into a wall, it will begin by charging the MacBook at the rate which Apple suggests. This is determined by Apple and a charge lasts slightly less than one hour. Whether or not your MacBook’s battery starts to lose capacity after its first cycle is dependant on usage, both with hard drives and because you are using software designed for older batteries such as OSX Mavericks 10.9.

What does the normal cycle count mean?

A battery’s capacity is measured in ampere hours and it reaches its peak performance when it has roughly a tenth of the remaining charge. This means that any laptop battery should last less than six years. Although this is what the normal cycle count for mac book battery means, different types of batteries work and last differently.

How do you determine your battery cycle count?

There is no perfect way to determine the battery life of a device. There are some factors that will effect the power cycle count and those are the specs of your laptop. The number of batteries it takes to power MacBooks is going down since the early 2000s when MacBook first came out due to its improved efficiency and quality. When a laptop battery comes with a 20% increase in power, it means that it can travel at least 20% farther before needing to be charged up again.

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Why is the default cycle count for a MacBook Battery wrong?

Most users likely know that a cycle count is how many times the battery of an electric device has been charged and discharged. A standard cycle count for cell phones typically amounts to 300 cycles and for iPhones 480. However, according to Apple’s own, “How do I change my MacBook Pro battery monitor level?”, factory default, the cycle count for a MacBook battery is 100.

How to fix your MacBook battery cycle count for better performance

There are two reasons you might be getting a low cycle count. The first is due to how the battery gauge works. It is tracking how many full charges your battery has under normal conditions. If a situation, like not having enough power, causes your battery to charge even once, that single charge will increase your “normal” segment drastically, and thus it will show as too high of a number for the computer to calculate correctly. The second reason could be because the battery isn’t connected correctly. Sometimes this can cause the laptop or desktop computer to run on battery power when plugged in and drain the device’s stored power unnecessarily. Try reconnecting your Computer as well as resetting hidden Apple settings in order to get back on track with performance

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When you are using your laptop, the lithium battery inside is constantly charging and discharging. The batteries will be drained after 300-500 cycles. To prolong the life of the battery, Apple recommends that you limit the number of times you use it in a day to four uses before recharge.

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