What Presidential Candidate Campaign Manager Has Been Charged With One Count Of Simple Battery

What happened when a presidential candidate went off script and got into a fight.

The First Presidential Campaign Manager to Be Charged with Battery

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Rick Davis, campaign manager for Rick Perry’s presidential campaign, was formally charged with battery following an incident in which Perry alleges he was manhandled by Mr. Davis. Important to note is that harassment charges are also levied against Mr. Davis.

First campaign manager convicted for battery

The Recent Charges Concerning Presidential Campaign Managers

The recent charges stem from a single simple battery charge filed by Beverly Young Nelson, the campaign manager for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual assault on several women between 1979 and 1982.

Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with one count of simple battery according to an official statement released by the Office of Special Counsel. However, according to CNN, this charge was dropped on Thursday. This is a huge victory for campaign managers because the assault charges were dropped following that incident involving Washington Post reporter Alex Penn days before election day.

One recent charge pertains to Rick Gates, the former campaign manager for presidential candidate, who is the subject of multiple charges. According to the charge affidavit, a case against Mr. Gates, charging him with “knowingly and intentionally” making a “battery” on a female consultant during an argument outside a hotel in Jupiter, Florida.

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The Charges and Trial of the First Presidential Candidate Campaign Manager to Be Sentenced

Christopher J. Wade, the campaign manager to United States Presidential candidate and reality television entrepreneur Donald Trump, has been indicted by the State of Florida for one count of simple battery. Prosecutors claim that in October 2015, he “intentionally touch[ed] the intimate parts of another without their consent” when the victim was standing in front of a cop car at Miami International Airport. A warrant has been issued for Wade’s arrest and if he is found guilty, he faces 1 year in jail.

Jim Margolis, the first campaign manager to be charged with assault – is currently awaiting trial. Defendant’s trial date has yet to be set.

One of the first campaign managers to be charged with a crime is Jim Baker. Baker, one of Trump’s primary campaign managers has been charged with one count of simple battery.


The candidate campaign manager has been charged with one count of simple battery. This was because he allegedly turned a woman’s phone off without the woman’s consent while they were filming a political rally. His defense, instead of denying the charge, is that he turned it off to preserve battery life and to avoid violating any FCC legislation.

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In most cases, people don’t want to touch politicians with a ten foot pole. They would rather punch them in the face and accuse them of being corrupt. Be glad that isn’t what is happening to Trump’s campaign manager this election season; but it does point out a pattern of Trump’s people getting involved in criminal activities. The woman accused of battery was charged with that crime by Florida cops, who accused her of scratching a man’s face during an altercation.

The campaign manager of presidential candidate John McCain has been charged with one count of simple battery by the Phoenix Police Department on May 30th after an unnamed woman posted a picture on Twitter that showed her with a bruised eye and neck.

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