When Mettaton Runs Out Of Battery Does It Count As A Kill?

In this article an anonymous gamer does write about a conversation overheard in a game of overwatch. The conversation is between two people, one who is having trouble picking/playing/beating another player but is “pissed” to admit it and the second who just brushes over their own difficulty by talking about how they are winning despite doubt.

When does mettaton run out of battery?

I think it is safe to say that when mettaton runs out of battery does it count as a kill. I calculate that mettaton would run out of battery at around 8 hours and 35 minutes.

Mettaton runs out of battery when he get’s hit; he then dies. When does mettaton die?
Task: Answer this question yourself by clicking on the tabs on the website and then answering where does mettaton die

Amiibo characters can “die” and in order to continue playing Mario Kart 8, the character has to be replaced by a new one. When a character dies, they are sent back to the place they came from and they have to retrieve their choice of look. If they don’t choose, they will be stuck with their normal look and aren’t able to be changed again unless their replacement is obtained and the game restarted.

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What if mettaton runs out of battery and i

Maxwell Vs. Voltar

If Mettaton’s battery ran out what would happen? What if Mettaton got hit by a car and was in danger of exploding all over the ground do the kills count?
After initiating his final attack against jedah, mettaton did not have enough power left to finish the fight. Jedah, with another cyborg soldier nearby, tried winning mettaton back again with a meteor attack. Sadly for Jedah, this attack had no effect as mettaton’s batteries ran out during the battle

Mettaton run low on battery have the option to steal your valuables. They had this feature to make them seem longer. Another thing that makes mettaton long is that they always talk and type on themself. As mettaton starts popping the question of if they are human or not, the show gets harder to follow.


While this is completely subjective, the thought that there is ultimately a creature inside of mettaton does make death a factor in the way mettaton can autonomously perceive and detect threats.

The following is a short summary of what came out from the study in their blog post.

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