Where To Replace Watch Battery Near Me

Sometimes replacing that lost battery in your watch can mean the difference between checking the time and being late for work. And you don’t have to worry about opening up that clunky watch case or finding a tool because the manufacturer has already done the hard work for you!

A Beginner’s Guide to Replacing the Battery in a Watch

When it comes to timepieces, few things are as important for the longevity of your purchase as making sure that the battery lasts. It is often a delicate task with batteries, though, and you should always be careful when handling them. If you are using a watch with a crown, use your index finger and thumb to open it up when trying to replace the battery.

A watch uses a battery to power its quartz movement and keep time. Generally speaking, a quartz watch battery should last 3-4 years if the wearer takes care of it properly (turns the watch off when not in use, keeps it dry, doesn’t store it overnight with the battery removed). Occasionally though, the battery will fail to work or it might have died. In order to replace this kind of battery: make sure you turn your watch off (so you don’t accidentally pull out any wires), place your fingers between two metal clips on either side of the watch face, push in on them as gently as possible until they slide back open, then remove the old battery from inside the case. When replacing a fresh battery on a mechanical watch, make sure that you first let it run for about 5 minutes in advance just so that it keeps time accurately and then set it back to 12 o’clock.

A watch is an accessory you don’t want to live without. It’s typically nice to have one that tells time accurately and at the appropriate moment, but there comes a time when a battery or the wearer needs a replacement. Never fear because there are plenty of tutorials online about how to replace your watch battery yourself for only a dollar or two, so long as you have proper tools.

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Reasons for Replacing a Watch Battery

For people who own a watch, replacing the battery can come in handy for times when you want to upgrade your watch with a better battery. Most watch batteries last from two to three years before they will require replacement. When thinking about how to purchase a new battery, it can be helpful to distinguish between battery types as well as an estimate of how long each type lasts.

When you are out of batteries for your watch, it can seem difficult to figure out where you should go to get a new one. There are some very important reasons why it is a good idea to replace the battery in your watch. Some reasons include the watch running too fast or slow, inaccurately staying on time, experiencing erratic time and changing to match external time sources. When these issue arise in your watch, you will likely want to take it in for instant and immediate replacement of the battery.

In order to avoid over-using a watch battery, you should keep your watch in a comfortable position. If it becomes too uncomfortable for your wrist, consider replacing the battery. In addition, you can replace a flat or old battery with a new one when the need arises.

Tools You’ll Need

One of the most common issues with a watch battery is that it starts to die before you can find another watch battery. Rather than just buy a new watch battery, consider purchasing a tool kit that includes a small screwdriver. You probably already have one. A flashlight can also be helpful, no pun intended- the light often shines on the tiny screws inside the watch housing which means less risk of getting dirty fingerprints on delicate electronic parts. With your tools and replacement battery found, you are set to fix your newly broken watch!

Teeth, tweezers, watchmakers pliers
The first step is to find the battery you need. Slide the crown of your old watch back and poke the metal case with a toothpick to locate the battery’s top marks. With tweezers, gently remove its cover and take it off carefully. Next, use a pair of flathead watchmaker’s pliers to grip either end of the battery in order to pry it out. Check with your new battery before swapping them on both of your watches

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The process of replacing a watch battery isn’t that difficult, but it will require the right tools. So, you’ll either have to get the right type of screwdriver to remove the old battery or be prepared to use other techniques like using a hammer to pry it out. If you don’t have the tools necessary, call a service technician and pick up some replacement batteries.

How to Replace the Battery

Replacing the battery in a watch can be done quickly and easily by following the steps below:
Turn off the watch
Remove the watch band.
Open up the device’s case, circumventing any hidden screws.
Insert a new coin cell battery (aka watch battery) into the compartment that is widely located at one end of this area.
Close the case and put on your watch band again as usual.
Watch your step when replacing a watch battery to avoid accidentally touching a lead with your hands or pocket. To properly dispose of dead batteries, you’ll need to contact your local recycling center or trash company

Many people that own watches rely on them to tell the time and act as a fashionable accessory. It can be difficult to find replacement watch batteries at supermarkets, in addition to being more expensive than the watch itself. Luckily, several other options exist for replacing watch battery near me if needed. It is possible to go to stores like ACE Hardware or even order watch batteries for a reasonable price.

The hardest part about replacing the battery is getting the old one out. You have to line up the tiny positive and negative posts so they line up with their match on the inside of your watch. After you get that done, carefully lower the new battery into place. Use a coin to slowly press down on the side of the watch to get the loops of metal around it in place. Once they are secure, carefully unhinge your watch face from band together and set it aside with tension reading “zero.” Now, use needle-nose pliers with a screwdriver on it to twist off three catches one at a time. On each of these releases, use your flathead screwdriver and gently push up while pressing inward slightly. Now you can undo and remove your watch band so you can take out all three batteries from inside and replace them with three fresh ones.

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Any watch manufacturer should make sure that your watch battery is properly replaced. Some of the better watches to purchase will be more expensive, but they last longer and ensure a safe watch. Preventing a watch from being embarrassing also necessitates that you pay for it every now and then at a jewelry store nearby. A local jeweler will typically give you a pretty good deal when buying them in bulk.

Typically, the battery in a watch will last approximately 3-4 years before needing to be replaced. If you want another type of battery that lasts better or longer than that, you can change it for an often larger metal battery cell. Just make sure the clock is off and if it’s still powered that the movement won’t freeze up when the new batteries are put in.

When my watch battery suddenly stopped charging the first thing I did was replace the battery!

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