Why Do My Battery Terminals Keep Corroding

If you are experiencing damage along the terminals of your vehicle battery, there are many different factors that likely exist such as bad preventive maintenance, excessively heat buildup or similar. Check out this article to discover tips and information that may help keep your battery terminals in good condition and protect your vehicle.

What are battery terminals?

Battery terminals are the ends of the wires that connect to the battery. The connections get corroded over time and leak damaging amounts of current. They are located slightly below your traction control unit, which is located in front of the back window on each side of the car.

Battery terminals are small metal tabs that attach the battery cables to the battery itself. They can corrode over time due to moisture in the air and especially on hot summer days. This corrosion can cause a spark or short-circuit which will result in a fire and possible burn of your house or local property.

Battery terminals are the two metal strips in your battery which connect to your vehicle’s positive and negative terminal. There are around 20 of them across the width of the battery.

What to do if you have a corroded terminal

If you are at a loss on how to treat your corroded battery terminals, it is important to consider the remedies. The following are the three main points you should know when determining how to tackle the issue; Clean, grease, and add baking soda.

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If your battery terminals are corroding and it won’t stop, you may have to replace your battery. The terminal is the only point from which electricity can enter a battery pack. It will spark as electricity travels between the grids in order for the energy to flow correctly. If electricity enters the batteries, things could potentially explode, causing extensive property damage and injury.

If you find yourself with a corroded battery terminal, there isn’t much you can do. Instead, you need to replace your corroded terminal. Replacing the corroded terminal is relatively easy and doesn’t require any significant time or cost invested.


Battery terminals corrode because they use an active material in they design. Active materials are materials with electrical conductivity, like copper or aluminum. If you have nitrogen gas being produced during the charging process, that can cause corrosion as well.

This can be a problem if your car is relatively new and frequents the rainy or snow-covered areas.

In the beginning, I was so happy. Everything was going great. The car showed good traction on the snowy roads and I couldn’t have been happier. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long before my fuses started blowing left and right and average to keep just enough voltage to get me where I wanted to go a mere 15 minutes away from home. Eventually, the engine died altogether and had to be towed to a garage.

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