Why Is The Battery On My Iphone Draining So Fast

You wake up to a seemingly brand new, energy-packed iPhone, only to have it die within an hour because the battery is dead? You’ve never seen such a fast battery drain before!

What are the causes of decreasing battery life?

We love our mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops), but one downside of the technology is battery drain. It’s something that people struggle to avoid and often sacrifice other items around them. Weather change, operating temperature changes, and many more causes are just some of the reasons your phone or laptop’s battery can be dying at a faster rate than sh
In this case, experts recommend not using multiple apps in the same time period or overloading your device with intensity charge or recharging it immediately when running low.

The battery on your iphone will decrease in power over time because of a number of causes, including normal wear and tear, usage, headway during charges, and a number of other reasons. Low voltage drops and decreasing full capacity over time are not uncommon.

There are many causes contributing to the decrease in battery life, but a few of the most common causes include charging the phone with an unapproved charger or inverter, the iphone’s settings being set to optimize performance, accidentally interrupting a trade-in when you try to PIN code your device, or running out of RAM memory.

Methods to prevent battery drain

The battery on your iphone will wear out over time. There are a few things you can do to extend the life of the battery: charge your iphone with a wall adapter when it is low (plugging into a charger just once every day or two cycles), limiting personal device use by using iOS’s “Do Not Disturb” feature during off hours, put it into power-saving mode, and updating software from the Apple store.

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iphone battery drain can happen for many reasons. There are ways to prevent this from happening by only charging your phone in certain times of the day and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. If this is not an option, you could also turn off your device when it doesn’t have any use or when you’re sleeping.

If you’re experiencing a poor battery life on your Iphone 7, there are two ways to prevent this from continuing. One is by using it more conservatively and only allowing certain apps to use up the battery. Otherwise, one can buy an external battery pack and make sure it’s always charged before using it.

Tips for prolonging battery life

Lithium-ion batteries like the ones in your smartphone, tablet, or laptop are designed to be charged frequently. But as soon as you plug them in, they’re automatically drawing power from the outlet. Some of the problems that cause your battery to die so quickly might be due to using too much power, using it too much in a short period of time and then not allowing the battery time to recharge itself again. There are some options that you can try if this is an issue for you, such as turning off WiFi and 3G during periods when you don’t need those features, or buying a cheap bulb that uses less power but still gives you light during those periods when full brightness might be needed.

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If you own an iPhone X, chances are that you’ll be experiencing the ‘low battery’ alert more than you may have anticipated. Lessor and less powerful screens, wider notch and faster battery drain is all to blame for your phone’s prolonged foray into the land of microwaves. Don’t fret, there are a few ways to prolong this phone’s life. Keep in mind: low power mode can take a while to load, turn it off until you need it on steady basis and turn off features when not being used

Batteries are electronic marvels, but they dissipate the power that you
purchase from them. They charge when your device is on, draw on their life as soon as you close the lid or hit a certain duration of standby. For example, even if your iPhone was completely to a full 100%, according to Apple only guaranteed 228 hours of standby time before it “expired.” This means you have around 3-4 months of battery life left.


In order to avoid the battery draining quickly and thus causing the device to stop working, iPhones are equipped with a low-power mode that turns off device features like Bluetooth and LTE. However, it also shuts off cellular connectivity so data is no longer being sent or received. This functionality can be activated manually as well.

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Based on what you know, the battery on your iPhone is most likely low. It could be because you’ve been too busy downloading video after video and it has turned the juice off faster than expected. Or, it could just be that the battery doesn’t last super long anymore. Either way, this is the result of all of those videos you’ve been watching. Your phone might have faster capabilities with more storage but maybe an iphone 6 isn’t for you because it will take a few hours to download and watch a movie before your next break at work…

To conclude, our iPhones are burning through battery power quickly because there are many iphone apps that need it as input. To change this we must find ways to be better about conserving our iphones’ battery life thereby prolonging its functionality.”

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