Will Disconnecting Battery Reset Airbag Light

If you’ve been driving for some time and the airbag warning light on your dashboard starts flashing, there is one thing you should remember if you want to disable this annoying feature … DON’T REMOVE YOUR BATTERY!

What is the airbag light on your car?

Each car has a light that comes on during start up that indicates that the airbag system of the car is functional. It will also turn off when the battery is disconnected.

Your car’s airbag light is on when the car detects an accident, including deep potholes or a potential collision. It can remain on for up to 12 hours after the incident has been resolved.

Your car is equipped with an inflatable bag that can protect against the force of a collision by expanding and deploying from the dashboard. When this safety feature deploys, you will be alerted by a light on your dashboard. The color of the light means what condition your car’s airbag is in. What happens if that light goes off?

How to turn off the airbag light

If you disable the airbag light, the system will be unable to eject the airbag in case of an accident. It makes sense to turn off the light in case you understand that driving with one eye is possible and you feel confident about other drivers on the road being able to notice whether your car is occupied or not. If these concerns are insurmountable, leave the light on but ensure that your baby seat or pet does not sit in front of it.

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Disconnecting the battery in an automobile will not reset the airbag light. The driver must get the battery to reset the airbag light by disconnecting the car and reconnecting it within a minute. Otherwise, the airbag light will switch on when returning to drive mode.

When the airbag light comes on, the only solution to it is to take your car in for repair. However, if you have already taken a detour around your car due to an airbag light, then you might want to continue to keep your battery disconnected until the problem is fixed.

Why do I have an airbag light on my car?

If the airbag light is on, it may mean that you are having a problem with either the airbag system or its wiring.

There are a few ways that your car’s airbags might activate. If your light illuminates on an airbag for the windshield or side window, this typically is due to the driver’s seatbelt not being fastened properly. If the passenger-side airbags illuminate, you’re likely to be caught in a rollover accident. However, if all your airbags illuminated simultaneously, it could be your battery voltage has gone too low for running the car.

The airbag light on your car is warning that the seat belt you are wearing may not be properly secured and may disentegrate in a crash. This is a common issue seen with many older cars. To reset this feature, open the hood of your car and disconnect the battery for 10-30 seconds or until the air bag light disappears.

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What happens when the airbag light stays on after disconnecting battery?

The airbag light is used to signal that there is an issue with your car. If something happens that changes the condition of the car while not driving it, several airbag lights will turn on. The airbag light may come on if you are hit by something and go out after you’re done with the accident. There may be more than one type of airbag light, depending on what happened. However, in some cases, disconnecting the battery will make all lights turn off.

Some people are startled when their airbag light stays on after disconnecting the battery. The airbag system may be different from other vehicles and not shut off. However, this does not affect safety or functionality.

If your airbag light still stays on, disconnect the battery and then reconnect. This is a solution to reset the light.


Connecting the battery will reset the airbag light. If you experience a mechanical issue with the vehicle where your air bag light is on, hitting the car’s fuse box or disconnecting the battery will solve this issue by resetting the light.

I still don’t know what the airbag light on the Tesla Model 3 is talking about, but I hope this article makes clear why disconnecting a car’s battery doesn’t reset it.

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When you disconnect the battery, it resets all the electric sensors and the airbag light will turn off. This is good evidence that your car has been reset.

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