Will Touching Battery Cables Together To Reset Computer

Sometimes computers just don’t work. Maybe the monitor is acting up, or you’re trying to print a document, or even worse – you’re connecting to the internet and it’s taking forever to load!

What happens if the computer doesn’t turn on?

If the computer doesn’t turn on, the only solution is to engage an airplane landing. This option will wipe out all of your hard work. If that wasn’t a fear, then a breaking laptop could be a problem, as that could hold all your important data and if erased you’ll have to start over!

if the computer is stuck on the BIOS startup screen or has a frozen mouse cursor, then you might be able to boot it up again by connecting some wires together. This is something that a hacker will do if they want to extract information from your computer.

If the computer isn’t on, try restarting it. Press both of the battery cables together to reset the computer. The power will go out and then come back on again.

How to find the battery cables

If you’re trying to troubleshoot a trouble computer and you don’t know what part is causing the issue, it may be too early to tell. If not, one easy way is to just find the battery cables. If you are familiar with the owner’s manual that came with the computer, finding components inside of the computer could be easy. To find the battery cables in your case, there are 3 electrical cables connected from your power supply where you can disconnect from AC power and 3 more out from an outlet located near your modem or router.

When a computer freezes, there is usually one way to fix the problem. Simply pulling out the plug and waiting could fix the computer, but if it doesn’t work after you turn it off and on or in safe mode, then you should start talking.

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The first step to finding the battery cables is to figure out what type of battery is in your laptop. You can check it on your computer by doing a quick google search. Then, you’ll want to find something that will approximate your battery size on the bar code label. From there, follow the cable coming from your battery through small gaps or outlines around large components.

Making repairs with a screwdriver

You can use a screwdriver to make minor repairs around the house. For example, you might need a hook and a thin part of wire to repair a TV no longer receiving power.

If a laptop or desktop computer has an issue that’s not running smoothly, possibly due to its aged status, one of the first things you should do is make a backup before attempting anything. This gives you an extra set of eyes if something goes wrong and you can refer back to your earlier information when fixing the issue.

There are a few places where technicians often have to reset a computer. These places are usually inaccessible and require the help of a screwdriver during a repair. It is super simple to locate the screw by holding the top and taking down in your opposite hand side. Then, simply insert the long end of the box-shaped screwdriver into one of the motherboard’s holes found on either side of its stand. Next, turn it clockwise for about two-thirds of a full circle in order to loosen then tighten when necessary.

Why do I need to reset my computer?

There are many reasons that a person would have to reset their computer. Some of the potential reasons are: it becomes unresponsive; you’re receiving an error when you try to access or use one of your apps; and your device stops responding. If you experience any of these problems, there’s a chance that the issue is related to power. By touching the battery cables together, the circuits should restart and return your computer back to normal status.

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If your personal computer freezes or isn’t working the way it should, you can reset the device by touching two or more cables from the power cord on the back of your computer together at the same time.

Sometimes you may notice at the top left of your screen, a small apple logo with a red indicator. This is an indicator that your computer is out of charge and needs charging. The best way to unlock your computer is by pressing the power button if above, or by holding the shift key and clicking on your desktop picture if below. Another power reset method is to simply touch battery cables together and close circuit between them to send signal through system board.

Resetting your computer

Resetting your computer can be tricky sometimes. Pressing buttons, pulling plugs and changing power settings is hard on your computer. If you feel like you need to do something more drastic or impossible, like reset the BIOS for example, it usually takes a working battery or two. You can substitute your normal battery for those old burning CDs by “toucheing” them together to provide enough short circuit voltage and current where the regular battery would not be able to.

Batteries were created for two specific purposes: charge and discharge. When your computer needs more power, you can touch the two ends of a battery cable at the same time to power up those batteries.

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Most of the time, when a computer won’t boot up properly or stops working all together, it is caused by a bad or failed piece of hardware. In such cases, you’ll probably have tried to reinstall the operating system. However, if after trying all of these solutions the problem persists, you might have to take your case to a professional. This can be down on both sides: if your computer’s screen panel has blown off and you cannot repair it yourself, then you need to pay for that service out-of-pocket with the expectation that you will receive some form of repayment later on (whether monetary or just an in-kind payment).


The conclusion of this blog’s article summarizes that sometimes a standard reset doesn’t work. Instead, you might have to do something called a hard reset which means restarting your computer from safe mode; cutting the power for 15 seconds, unplugging all cords, cutting power on case or motherboard and then powering system back up before continuing your fix.

The conclusion is that when people say it might be a good idea to flip a battery over to turn the computer back on, they are not always accurate. Throwing the battery onto the floor, or flipping it upside down could make damage happen to your computer or even yourself.

Battery technicians have the ability to reset computers, cell phones, and other devices by pressing the two prongs of a removable battery cable together. They are also able to activate, start, or reset all kinds of machines with this power tool.

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